Xwindow Problem


I have resently changed the video card of my computer and now my Linux doesn't start properly. This problem

is that linux automaticly starts Xwindows and Xwindows still uses the old video-drivers.

Does any1 know how to correct this problem?



  • Yes,

    Assuming that you know which XServer to use,

    and have it available. There is a symbolic link

    in your X11/bin directory(/usr/X11/bin in RedHat)

    to your XServer. Simply point this to the correct

    server for your video card, and X should start up

    correctly. You might have to update the video

    card section in XF86Config as well, especially if

    your new card has better resolution capabilities.

    To point your X to the new server:

    log in as root:

    cd /usr/X11/bin

    ls -l X

    //you should see the "->" in the listing; if not,

    //someone has done you a disservice: cp X to a

    //new filename in case you ever need to get it back

    //even if it is a link, remember what it is

    //linked to in case you ever need to use your

    //old card..

    rm X

    ln -s New_server X

    This will work in RedHat 4.6, but I don't know

    about the other distributions...If you can't get

    linux to boot without starting XWindows, type

    "linux single" at the LILO prompt when the system

    boots. You will be in single-user mode, but at

    least you will be able to get into the system.

    Maybe not the best way to get back into your system,

    but it works..

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