Hosting recommendation for sites with MySql

Thank you in advance,

Steve Saroff

Required Minimum Hosting Requirements

Cost: $10 a month or less per domain

Bandwidth minimum: 10gig/month

Storage minimum: 350mb

Verifiable up-time of at least 99%
Daily backups

Unix/Apache servers

full 24/7 Telnet access
ftp server installed and maintained with full 24/7
ftp access through ftp client.
access and modification of own .htaccess file through
telnet, ftp or control panel

PHP installed and maintained
At least version is 4.3.1 (Prefer most recent
version of 4.3.2 )
Modification of local php.ini file through telnet,
ftp or control panel
Ability to configure so that files which end with
.htm extension are parsed as .php files.

MySQL installed and maintained
At least version 3.22 (Prefer most recent version of
4.0.12 )

PhpMyAdmin installed and maintained
At least version 2.4.0. (Prefer Most recent version
of 2.5.0 )

Access to raw log file.
Commercial statistics tracking package installed and
Wusage 6.0, webalizer, or other comparable stats

eMail email server installed and maintained with at
least 99.9% uptime.
multiple email accounts ( for each
automated control of email accounts through control
php mail( ) function

Control panel for self configuration and automated
setup of domains
add/manage domains
CGI Script installation
Manage email accounts and autoresponders.
Password Protect Directories
View Site Stats through 3rd party, commercial stats
Add/Remove Telnet/FTP/POP accounts
Add/Edit Email redirects
Change Passwords
Add MySQL Databases
Add/Remove Mailists
create/manage sub-domains

Additional requirement / Question:
Provide diverse IP numbers among your servers,
ideally with numbers that do not share any same octets
(ie, servers located on different networks), so that
groups of sites can be located on totally different
servers, with totally different starting IP#s?

Steve Saroff

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