Create a report with RTF data

I hope that someone will be able to help me. I have an application that stores rtf format text to a memo field in an access database. I can print the formatted text in a report by placing a Rich textbox control on an access report. This is ok. Problem is I want to use VB to create a report and do the same. Unfortunately Crystal Reports & MS Data report writer do not allow me to place this kind of control on the report. The only way I can see this is possible is to use:

printer.print rftObject.TextRTF

This seems to print the RTF text to the printer but when executing is send it as a complete job. I don't get a chance to include other fields from the database on the same page.

Is there a shareware report writer that will allow me to print RTF data along with pre formatted data from VB.

My application will be destributed to others who do not have MS Access so I can't use an Access Report via VBA.

Can anyone help.

John :)
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