Cant get my " form to mail" working

Would someone be so kind as to help this "newbie" at perl and html?
Hello. I am a "newbie" at installing scripts and at using html. I have altered a "pre-made" script installed it on my webhost site but its not working properly. I am using your "F2M" (from because it seems to be the easiest to work with for a newbie,and I liked your "sample" form which to me was very professional looking. I was wondering if anyone could help though because I am still having trouble getting it to work. If a programmer would visit : scroll down to the bottom of the page,click on the link word "here". This will take you to the form. At the bottom of the page is the submit button,clicking on that will show the error I am getting. If someone would kindly let me know if they can help I would really appreciate it.


  • That is a 404 error, not a script error! :-)


    # Example Of Perl 6 Syntax.
    push @will, my Power $button;
    my $hardware is Useless but Valuable;
    do ($nothing) while $ and print $stuff;
    push (@will, my Off $button) and die "with me";

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