Sick and tired of shootem up games and gung-ho imperialism?


Were a couple of guys sick and tired of gung-ho and guns'n'bombs type of games. We would like to make a new game based on how the world really works. Its supposed to be an empire building game, alot like civ alpha centauri and tropico. We prefer a real time game
with a very relaxed pacing so that players have the time to consider their decisions but the sense of time is still there. It would also help differentiate the game from the games cited. What empirebuilding games lack today is diplomacy, showing the horrors of war, internal politics and a parliament, capitalists interfering with players decisions and last but not least, the true spirit of humanity: being able to win the game by peaceful means. In addition, the game should be very educating on how real politics works and fun at the same time.

The computer language is c++ of course. We do not have so much time to put into the game so we need as many people as possible. This is not an opportunity to make alot of money but perhaps more an event of getting to know new people, being a part of an alternative team and have alot of fun at the same time.

If this sounds interesting to you, dont hesitate to contact us:
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