Code Midnight

Attention all gamers! There is another gaming console coming to your homes by the year 2003. It seems TwirlSoft Entertainment has been working overtime on the CM (Code Midnight). It is a Disk-based console, containing at least 100kb of RAM!! Expect Internet-Capability, even the ability to sign onto a customizable ISP through the Twirlsoft PasPort Operating System. With 2 motherboards, and a seperate Sound Chipset, expect mind-boggling graphics and sound for the ultimate gaming experience. Inlcuding a comfortable controller, and a game in the package, the system is expected to be released with a base price of less than $250!!! A keyboard is also slated for release. Along with a DMO(Data Management Organizer) which compares with a Sega-Licensed VMU. A mouse is being planned. Made by Gamers, for Gamers. To be a programmer, game designers, or even to become a second or third party developer, please send an email to with the subject being "CM2- Development". Any questions? Send it to the same address, with the subject "CM2-Questions". Please visit our website at The darkness sweeps over the lands March 3rd, 2003.

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