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It's been a bit quiet here over the last couple of days, so I thought I'd mention Perl 6 and see if anyone is following it and what people's thoughts are. I've started a board for Parrot and Perl 6 (Parrot is the Perl 6 runtime engine) here:-

Many changes are coming at us; object orientation is more deeply recognised in the language, we'll have proper data types (but optional, not compulsary), the way you write patterns (for matching) are also changing quite a bit but I think for the best. In Perl5 you have to do (?:...) to cluster without capturing, but in Perl 6 we can just do [...] instead, and use (...) to capture. Of course, custom character classes now need to be defined differently, which is done with <[A-Z_]>. The . now matches a newline unlike before. And thankfully, they've got rid of the way too kinky s and m modifiers on patterns and we now have ^ and $ to match start and end of a string, and ^^ and $$ to match start and end of a line. A good bit neater. No, I don't know what happens when we want to put the current proccess ID in a pattern. :-) Maybe that's changing too...or maybe we'd put it as <$$> (assertions go in apparently).

Back to work...


# Example Of Perl 6 Syntax.
push @will, my Power $button;
my $hardware is Useless but Valuable;
do ($nothing) while $ and print $stuff;
push (@will, my Off $button) and die "with me";
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