PLEASE HELP!!! I have a serial interface and need help with software!!

I recently got a rs232 hardware interface that didnt come with any software to communicate with the thing?? I have contacted the manufacturer and below is the only info they will give me. They say I have to write my own software. If I could get someone to help me write something or direct me to a download that might help I would greatly appreciate it!!! All I need is something to open com1 and send and receive the given strings.????????? If this looks familiar to anyone please email me. THANKS

Upon receiving power, the hardware will enter an idle state.
The hardware must be reset. The first command sent should be reboot
device (command $22).

To reboot send the following string in hex format:
$01 $01 $22 $00 $25

To request all supported protocols, send the following string:
$01 $01 $14 $00 $13

NOTE: All values in examples are displayed as hexadecimal. In the above
example the array sent can be set up as follows:

LPSTR tx = (LPSTR)GlobalAlloc(LPTR, 128);
tx[0] = 0x01;
tx[1] = 0x01;
tx[2] = 0x14;
tx[3] = 0x00;
tx[4] = 0x13;

Once this string is sent, the following string will be returned.
$01 $02 $94 $00 $00 $CS

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