Is it possible to insert GIFS and WAVS in my FORMS?

my program is going to contain resources for users to download, like WAVS and GIFS. Im completely new to Delphi 7 and i dont know how to add these into my forms.

Any help is truly appreciated thanks


  • dont know what you mean but to add resources to an exe do this:

    make a textfile and add the resourcefiles like so:

    10 AVI c:wow.avi
    20 WAV d:ding.wav

    where 10, 20 are id's, AVI and WAV is type and then the filename.

    compile this file with bcc32.exe and it creates a .res file. now add the following line in your delphi code:

    {$R myfile.res}

    now you can load the resources into for example a TAnimate control with:

    animate1.resid := 10;

    hope it helps
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