Array to a textbox - VB 6


I need to dump the contents of an array into a textbox (as a report). I am a beginner and cannot figure it out. Any examples would be much appreciated.



  • Does it have to be a text box? A picture box would be a lot easier using a for ... next block.
    You should already know the bounds of the array, starting at 0 or 1 and ending at the last entry. For example lets say it's from 1 to 40:

    For i = 1 to 40
    picBox.Print array(i)
    Next i

    Will Display each of the items on a separate line

    If it must be a text box I guess this will work:

    For i = 1 to 40
    txtBox.text = txtBox.text & Chr(032) & array(i)
    Next i

    This would add each componant of the array to the prevoius one, kinda making for 1 long sentence. (the Chr032 adds a blank space between them and can be omitted if you like).

    Again I suggest the picture box, it's easier. If you go with the text box be sure to set the word wrap (or multiple line or something to that effect) to true.

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