Is php more front end than back-end?

during my research on the templating and the many comment about separating the front end from the backend. And since almost everything done in php is done for the sole purpose of producting the html.

my question:
[b]Is php more front end than back-end?[/b]
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  • it can be defined as more front end i guess. although i admit i use it for both. i don't mix the two, i just have a php front-end and a php-mysql backend.

    mysql's great, but not powerful enough for a complete back-end. i think of it more as a "hard-drive i can save to" than a processing backend that manages my data. i use php's objects to do that for me. this way i can easily manage huge data-structures that manipulate my data, but have nothing to do at all with how the data is displayed on my page. i could easily swap out the php-generated html, and show a different face, with the exact same backend intact, and all that code saved.

    in the same way, i use php's objects to manage my front-end. all the html on my site is written by my php scripts, and as a result, is completely skinnable.

    so basically, i've seperated the front-end from the back-end quite successfully, and program both in php. so i guess, php is whatever you want it to be. front or back.

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