Client with dynamic modules


I'm trying to create an application which should be able to dynamicly load the modules then user can select. eg. I will have the application load the module dll's at start up and make them avaliable to the user.

The module dll's can be placed anyware on the computer and I don't know how many or which modules the user have. All the modules are created by me!!

Eg. I create MainApp and module 1 - 4. One user get module 1,2 and 3 and a nother user gets module 1,3 and 4. So when the user starts the MainApp i want the modules, the user have, made visible

I have looked at Assiemblies and Inheritance, but have not yet worked out how to do this the best way.
Some one told me that with Inheritance i can make the modules Inherit from the MainApp and then the MainApp could find all its "children"

Is there anyone that can help me??
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