Problem using COleVariant with ActiveX MSComm (VC++ 6)

I want to send some Bytes to the Serial-Port.

I use the Microsoft Communication Control V6.0 and

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

Writing a String to the serial Port is no problem.

I typed:

COleVariant vTest;

vTest = "Testoutput";


It worked!

But then I wanted to write a Byte to the serial Port:

COleVariant vTest2;

vTest2 = 0x05;


I got a Compiler-Error;

Operator = is ambiguous (Operator = ist mehrdeutig).

I tried to use a cast operator:

COleVariant vTest3;

vTest3 = (BYTE) 0x05;


There is no compiler-error.

But at Runtime i got the Message from

MSComm "wrong Propertyvalue"

(falscher Eigenschaftswert);

I have also tried to use the original VARIANT

Datatype, but without positive result.


vTest4.vt = VT_UI1;

vTest4.bVal = 0x05;


I got the same Runtime Error as the one

with vTest3.

Is there someone who can help me please?

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