Palm and PC Programmer

am a freelance programmer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have experience with programming PCs as well as Palm Pilots. The areas I am experienced in are ASP, Visual Basic, AppForge Mobile VB, HTML, SQL, IIS, FTP, SMTP, Access, Dreamweaver, and Crystal Reports.

One of the most notable programs I have made is used by the Navy as well as local police departments. This program reads in counters that record the time and date of each shot on a gun. There is a PC and a Palm version to my program so the counters can be scanned remotely. My program does a complex mathematical algorithm to process the data the counters record. The counters only record the data necessary for the date and time of each shot to be processed. They do not store the actual date and time of each shot. This shot data is useful because the user can setup a maintenance schedule in my program of when they need to change the barrel of their gun or when they should clean their gun. The scanned date and time of each shot are displayed in a Cystal Report and can be printed.

Another program I have made also has a PC and Palm version to it. It controls model trains from a PC or Palm Pilot. My program sends commands through the track to the trains. Some of the supported commands are horn, bell, crew talk, and speed commands. My program also allows the user to create a 9999 second macro that holds a list of commands and a time to execute them. The macros can be run on the PC or Palm Pilot for mobility.

If you need help with a project please contact me at I can send you a resume or explain my qualifications in more detail.

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