Game publisher/investor seeks game company

We represent a number of interested publishers and investors who seek either to publish or finance a significant title or who seek a financial interest in a game development company or a company related to the game development industry. The stage of development of the game or company is less relevant than the game or company's potential (as determined by the investors).

The genre or type of game is less important than the potential dollar value of the game or company.

We are particularly interested in those companies with games nearly completed, but who fear that completion may be impaired by financial status. However, we are interested in all companies related to the gaming industry, even those who may not even have begun development of their game or games.

And we are not strictly interested in game development companies, but all those companies who, as I said earlier, are related to the industry. We would be interested, for instance, in companies that create 3D engines, or those that create "RPG makers." That is, we are interested in the entire industry.

If interested, please contact me for further details.
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