How do you move images with direction buttons..... anybody?

? Can some one explain how to, or show me a example of code like that. As far as what I mean by moving images, im talking about like for a pacman game for example.


  • Hi:

    That's really easy, you just need to use this: vbkeyright, vbkeyleft, vbkeyup and vbkeydown.

    Suppose that you have an image called Pacman. Ok, you have to write the code in the KeyDown event, something like this:

    Private Sub KeyDown(Key as Integer, Shift as Integer)
    Select Case key
    Case VbKeyRight
    Pacman.right = Pacman.right - 10
    Case VbKeyLeft
    Pacman.left = Pacman.left + 10
    End Select
    End Sub

    Maybe i made a little mistake in the KeyDown function definition, but i'm at work and dont Visual Basic...i writing what i can remember -:)
    Anyway, if you me to the send you a sample code, write me to with the subject "Moving an Image".

    Alvaro Tejada Galindo
    SinglePath games design

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