Homemade login screen

Hi, i would like to create a login screen from a form.
the usernames and passwords need to be stored in a table,
in which the usernames will be the unique key which i
already have given them. Also in the table it will show
the access rights of the users, "Read-Write", "Read-
Only", "Read-Write-Delete-Edit". i have not yet created
but know that this has to be done, On the login screen i
want 2 text boxes, one called "username" which will be
linked from the table in the database and will have a
pull down menu, and the other one will be the password,
which i want to remain blank, but linked to the table so
that it can be checked, and verified so that the person
can only log in with the corresponding password to that
username. Then a command button which will check if the
password and username match up. I dont know the code for
the command button or how to make the password text box
blank but yet linked to the table, or how to only show
characters as: *
Then theres the issue of access rights and the code for
them, how do code that, what code etc. Can anyone help? i
dont want to use Access's own login security method, as
this is for a project and i need code but i dont know
where to start. Thanks Sean :-)

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