How Can I make my service to RUN in Kernel Mode ?

I have to make one application to RUN in kernel Mode. I thought of writing a service, but I don't think I can run that service in Kernel Mode.

Is there any way to make any application of service to run in Kernel Mode ??

Thanks in advance.


  • [green]I dont know about running a service in kernel mode, though you can write a NT Native Application that can run in kernel mode. However, kernel mode "apps"/drivers do not have access to any GUI elements. An example of a native application is the scandisk that runs in Windows 2000 when the os starts and has detected imporper shutdown. You would need the Nt/2K DDK for making such "apps". What exactly do you need to do ? Maybe there are other ways than resorting to kernel mode ?[/green]

  • Thanks a lot for your information. I am writing a service which is a socket application, which manages IP address on that perticular machine. Something similar to DHCP client, but does removes IP address in certian conditions. Now I have a requirement that, even if system freezes because of some reason, my service application needs to run. I was thinking if I can make it run in kernel mode thread. It has no UI, but definitely it needs to be a service.

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