Reading and writing to sequential files.

Hi can anyone tell me how to write numbers and text on a single line and then read it. I need to be able to read the numbers as integer.

I'm using the following code to write a number, and then read it, but I would like to write text next to that number and still be able to retrieve only the number to perform calculations.

'Dim Strings
Dim amount As String = txtDeposit.Text
Dim output As String
Dim balance As Integer

Dim WriteToFile As IO.StreamWriter

'Code to open text file and append to it. Then closes File.
WriteToFile = IO.File.AppendText("A:ChequeAccount.txt")

'Dim reads as IO.StreamReader object and open File for reading.

Dim reads As IO.StreamReader = IO.File.OpenText("A:ChequeAccount.txt")
Dim readData As Integer

'Do Loop Until all the data is read.
'output takes the values read.

readData = CInt(reads.ReadLine)
balance += readData
output &= FormatCurrency(readData) & vbTab & vbTab & " Deposit." & vbTab & vbTab & "newBal " & FormatCurrency(balance) & vbCrLf
Loop Until reads.ReadLine = ""

'Close File and display in txtBox.
txtDisplay.Text = output

This code works every second click of the button???

Thanks if you can help.

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