Im trying but confused any suggestions would be appreciated!x

I don't know how to write the following:

1. The computer sts a variable to keep track of how many attempts the user has left for my number guessing game?

2. The player is told how many lives they have left

3. Player promoted to type in their guess

4. Computer rpovides one of the following comments:
* Number guessed is to low and they have lost a life
* The number the player guessed is to high and they have lost a life
* The number the player guessed is outside the range of the game and they have lost a life

5. Game repeats steps 2 to 4 eithet:
a) the player guesses the correct answer where upon appropriate feedback is given(i.e. Well guessed correct number)
b) the player runs out of lives(i.e the number of attempts they have left equals 0) where upon they are informed they have run out of lives and told what the correct answer was

6. The game then asks the player if they would like to play again
* typing Y repeats the game with a new random number but clears the screen first then game begins again
* typing N exits the program....( im real stuck with this part exitng the program)

all help is much appreciated by me... i so want to get this game up and running and hope to get into the industry but im really struggling wth this particular game. Replies ASAP are much and truly apprecaited
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