FOR SALE -> DAWE Sonoray-1805E Flaw/Thickness Tester

DAWE Sonoray-1805E Flaw/Thickness Tester
Front view picture @->;
Close up picture @->;
Probe picture @->;
FULLY WORKING flaw/thickness tester uses somekind of sonar i think im not really sure, it works on batteries but i cant for the love of it find the right ones(this thing is liek form the 70s) so i used an old laptop power suply wich works fine pluged in the back.
Inludes, authentic leather carry case(truly vintage), one probe, and compaw power suply(obviously not from this device but still works fine)
$50(AU) or nearest offer
COD/Cheque/Direct Bank Money Transfer only and only if you live in Victoria, Australia.
Contact me directly via email here or leave a reaply, send queries to an dif your in melbourne call me via mobile on 0416 029 852

I may consider selling this to people outside of Victoria but your gona have to pay for shipping and this thing weighs about 6kilos!

Hope to hear from someone

Leon Yuhanov
Melbourne, Australia
Visit me @
Email me @


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