Need: C++ programmer familiar with 3D file formats

Hey everybody, I'm going to get straight to the point.
I'm involved in a MMORTS project, based in space. We have been working on this for four months, and I'll give a little summary of our progress.

The project has two portions, an engine, and the actual game, the engine is what is being worked on right now, except for inital work on the design doc.

-DirectX 9 Real-Time Rendering
-3D model movement and rotation
-3D Sound using DSound
-Input using DInput
-High resolution timing
-Server based upon java
-Design doc in the works

-2 Programmers

We only support 3DS models right now, and the class we have for it basically sucks, and neither of us know enough to write a new class for it. We are also willing to change formats if you are proficient in another popular format, or add additional formats.
We will release a demo to you upon request, but the project is closed source at this time. We weren't planning on doing any recruiting at this time so we don't have a webpage up (its in the works). However we would be more than happy to discuss any particulars with you.

We are only looking for one person at this time, and after that person finishes the 3d format class they will be welcome to stay with the team if they desire.


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