i need an pascal decompiler - necesito un descompilador del pascal

Necesito un descompilador de pascal, porque perd algunos programas.

I need an pascal decompiler, 'cause i lost some progs.


  • As Mr Dejneko found out back in July, a true

    compiled program cannot be taken back to the

    true source (ie true procedures, variable

    names etc.). A program such as "sourcer" can

    have stab a giving the assembly code.

    An tokeniser-interpreter on the other hand can

    often be unravelled, since the interpreter part

    still needs to know the true variable names. An

    example would be the dBC "compiler" that came

    with dBase III.

    Best of luck

  • Please, help me!

    I needed an Turbo Pascal Decompiler!

  • Please, help me!

    I need an Turbo Pascal Decompiler!

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