3ds max 4/ 3ds max 5

I am a VB.Net programmer and i need to know, for making games, what kind of software would be best for the common graphics. I already have 3d studio max 4.2 but i need to know how to make it go faster than it does. Every time i run it it runs slow. i have a HP Pavilion laptop (with 20 GB space and 1.4 GB memory).

Please help me. I need to make games to SURVIVE. :)


  • Programs like 3DSMax (and other like Maya and Softimage that, in my opinion, are much much much better than Max...) need strong hardware to run smoothly, expecially if you need to create heavy scenes.
    I used Maya quite smootly on a P4 2600Mhz, 1Gb DDR with FireGL X1 as video card. If you need to do many renderings (for example to create 3D videos for a game) 2 or more CPUs will save you LOT of time, but won't save you lot of money... :-):-)!!!


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