Help Builder for VB .NET


Im developing an aplication in VB .NET and I need to develop a Help for every page of my user interface.

Like for example if the user are in a certain part of the aplication and press F1 my HELP for the aplication apears.

Is there a simple way to do that?

Is there any help builder for VB .Net?

Carlos Ferreira.


  • Carlos, I know what you are talking about, because we had a simalar problem in school. We did a lot of searching just to find out that there are tons of help file builders avilable for download off the web. Unfortunatly there are none with the .net application as far as I can tell. It should be simple to find one for download through a search engine such as or any search engine for that matter. Hope that i helped, if you have any other questions just reply.

    -Adam Botsford
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