Step into Embedded Field from Applications development

Iam an Applications programmer from chennai. Iam into J2EE and web development. Actually Iam not interested in this field. Iam very much interested in Embedded systems programming. Iam going for courses on VxWorks and RTLinux. I would like to switch over to embedded systems programming after finishing the course. I have close to 2 years of experience in application development and now I would like to change my career path to embedded industry. Since the job market is too competitive, Iam really afraid that I will able to change over or not. Please give me some suggestion and ideas to help me to change the field.
I have few questions,
1. Is it really possible to change field by having skillset in embedded and having industry experience in applications development.
2. How many yrs of experience is expected in embedded industry.
3. Is it possible for me to move to big companies like wipro.
Please reply to my questions. Anybody if you have experienced such a change please give me your mail id. I would like to contact you.

Thanks and Regards,
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