chat programm in JSp

i m really got confused with several mrthods of chat programm is there anybody who tell me a simple way to make chat programm in JSP as I m begginer so cant get complexity so please tell me the code of chat praogramm in as per my level


  • There isnt a really easy way to do it, if i wante to create a chat page i would do it with a java applet, not in the JSP page.

    The problem is that the only thing you get back from the application server is HTML.

    You have to at least create a chatserver that keeps the messages that are already send, saved.

    It is possible to di, you only have to have a frame in your webpage with 2 pages.
    The first page is a form that send something to the server.
    The other page is a page with all the messages from the server.

    A solution for the server would be a JavaBean, you can save all the messages in the JavaBean.

    It is very easy to to make it this way.

    So, to get it all together:

    You have one page with 2 frames.
    In the first frame you have a form that send messages to the JavaBean.
    In the second frame you have a page that refreshes every X seconds and gets all the messages from the JavaBean.

    And already told above, use a JavaBean for the server.

    This is a real easy way to do it. Not very good, but if youre still learning the language, you can do it this way.

    Hope I helped you enouph and I hope youll be able to make it.



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