Comparing Two decimal nos. for equality in

In a Financial Accounting program, I accept individual accounting entries some of them are debit and some are credit. Finally, for each voucher Debit must be = Credit.

I do the following:

Dim decTotdr As Decimal = 0
Dim decTotcr As Decimal = 0
Dim int I As Integer = 0
Dim intentries As Integer = 0

for intI = 0 to intentries -1

if Me.txtDrcr.Text = 'DR' then
decTotdr = decTotdr + Ctype(Me.txtVoucheramt.Text,Decimal)
decTotcr = decTotcr + Ctype(Me.txtVoucheramt.Text,Decimal)

next intI

if Math.Abs(decTotdr - decTotcr) >= 0.01 then

MessageBox.Show("Debit <> Credit")
exit sub


It works most of the time. But sometimes it gives an error, e.g. Debit 500 <> Credit 500.

Is there a better way to do this comparison?

Dilip Nagle

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