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I am looking for a team of experianced perl programmers and MySQL to help work on a new project.
It is an SMS portal, Users use a form, sign up and get a code to put on their web site to send sms messages, the recipent of sms messages will have a small bit of text at the bottem of all messages with a randome advertiser text.
advertisers sign up purchase x amount of credits and set unlimeted advertising text.
They can chose to have their ad sent out to sites in only certain catergories.
Many other featuers, stats, custom campains for advertiers, extensive admin area, part top sites program on site to promote users web site who are the most productive (send the most messages)
This is not a paid project, if you participate you will not be paid a fee, but you will own a percentage of the project, on completion the project will be turned into a ltd company, so you will own a share.
I am only intersted in profesional programmers with experiance and are looking to spend part of their time working on this project.
E-mail me at for more information or to apply for this project.


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