RPDUP Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL !!!

RPDUP Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL !!!


  • Hello,

    I am a real programmer. I happen to be only a tiny bit familiar with Pascal, but I don't see what could possibly be wrong with it. I program in Assembler, C/C++, and also QuickBasic. You must be laughing right now, at the mention of this slow and overbloated language. What would you say if I told you I am also learning Visual C++, Java and even Visual Basic? You must think it is hilarious. If you feel good about yourself now, it might be wise to note that it is very easy to point out shortcomings in other things or other people, and laugh about it. I think you shouldn't feel good about yourself until you can learn to appreciate the advantages and the good side of other things or other people. This is much harder to do, though, and I don't know if you are up to it.

    If you think this is just a load of crap, just ask yourself: 'If I hate Pascal so much, what am I doing on a Pascal message board?!'

    Later dude,


  • Come on, did you notice the technology references on that thing?

    The guy who wrote that is probably 70 by now. Personally, real

    programs don't use JavaScript would be more up-to-date... I'd also

    like to point out Pascal is a HELL of a lot more readable than C.


  • : RPDUP Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL !!!

    Yup, real programmers use assembly for everything. And masochists use byte-code. Then there are those smart/insane people who make their own computers with tinker toys.

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