friend functions and Visual C++ 6.0

This compiler is driving me up the wall! I'm

trying to declare a friend function, which is an

overloaded addition operator. I've tried

everything to figure out what I'm doing wrong, but

nothing has helped. In fact, when I cut and paste

the code (below) that Microsoft furnishes as

example of a friend function, it doesn't work

either! I keep on getting the following error:

D:Oopincpp3eSourceCh11Frengl.cpp(55) : fatal

error C1001: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR (compiler file 'msc1.cpp', line 1786)

Please choose the Technical Support command on the

Visual C++ Help menu, or open the Technical

Support help file for more information

I would call tech support if it weren't for the price...$95...

Here's the Microsoft sample code that I mentioned above:


using namespace std;

class Complex



Complex( float re, float im );

friend Complex operator+( Complex first, Complex second );


float real, imag;


Complex operator+( Complex first, Complex second )


return Complex( first.real + second.real,first.imag + second.imag );


In my program, I had a simple main() to test it,

but that obviously isn't the problem (if you don't believe me, read on).

Also, here's some other code that I got from the

book "Object-Oriented Programming in C++" by the

Waite Group, for which I get the exact same error as mentioned above:


using namespace std;

class Distance //English Distance class



int feet;

float inches;


Distance() //constructor (no args)

{ feet = 0; inches = 0.0; }

Distance( float fltfeet ) //constructor (one arg)

{ //convert float to Distance

feet = int(fltfeet); //feet is integer part

inches = 12*(fltfeet-feet); //inches is what's left


Distance(int ft, float in) //constructor (two args)

{ feet = ft; inches = in; }

void showdist() //display distance

{ cout << feet << "'-" << inches << '"'; }<br>
friend Distance operator + (Distance, Distance); //friend



Distance operator + (Distance d1, Distance d2) //add D1 to d2


int f = d1.feet + d2.feet; //add the feet

float i = d1.inches + d2.inches; //add the inches

if(i >= 12.0) //if inches exceeds 12.0,

{ i -= 12.0; f++; } //less 12 inches, plus 1 foot

return Distance(f,i); //return new Distance with sum



int main()


Distance d1 = 2.5; //constructor converts

Distance d2 = 1.25; //float-feet to Distance

Distance d3;

cout << "
d1 = "; d1.showdist(); <br>
cout << "
d2 = "; d2.showdist();<br>

d3 = d1 + 10.0; //distance + float: OK

cout << "
d3 = "; d3.showdist();<br>
d3 = 10.0 + d1; //float + Distance: OK

cout << "
d3 = "; d3.showdist();<br>
cout << endl;<br>
return 0;


As you can see, something is seriously wrong.

Could it be that a setting on my compiler needs to

be changed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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