Append Data From a Web Server to Local DB

I have three related tables that happen to be in an Access database on my web server. What I want to do is return a subset of the records of each table and append then to a local database. For example lets say the three tables are Customer, Customer Orders and Order Detail. I want to select a Customer record to download then return all its child records. Then add them to a local DB. By using web services I can grab a dataset of the Customer record and a dataset with two tables with the child records (Customer Orders and Order Detail) for that customer. The problem is I dont know how to append the records I just downloaded to the local DB. I can see that I can read each record by using DataRow and DataColumn and add them to the local DB one by one but that doesnt seem very efficient. Is there any other option? Can you do it with an SQL command?

By the why my local DB has an auto number as its index. So some how I have to get that back so I can link the Customer Orders table to the Customer table and the Order Detail to the Customer Orders.

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