Can U help with a problem using SVGAQB with QB4.5

Hi, im having problems using the SVGAQB library with qbasic 4.5

I store my qb files inthe directory qb2

i extracted the svgaqb files into qbsvgaqb

I type LINK /QU SVGAQBsvgaqb.LIB, SVGAQBsvgaqb.QLB, NUL, Bqlb45.lib

then when I try to run qbasic with qb /l svgaqb or qb /l svgaqbsvgaqb

it tells me Error in loading file (svgaqb.qlb) - invalid format

Can anyone help?

Its driving me mad




  • Dude, don't stress yourself. Forget about all that directory nonsense, and just stick the QLB and include file in the same directory. If it says Invalid format, then download it again.

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