Sound Programming Jobs?

Does anyone have any advice for someone trying to obtain an entry-level position in sound programming? I assume video games present the most opportunities for this type of work. I have a BS in Physics, graduated from a top audio engineering school, and have 2 years experience in programming (IDL and C, but I also know C++). I live in the Los Angeles area. What skills/programs/languages should I focus on the most? C++ is obvious, but what about more audio-specific applications? How should I approach potential employers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  • Hi,
    I think you should approach them with a calm attitude ,new ideas and approachs you have and above all a feeling of confidence.Telling them about audio prog techniques you know that may not be well known mayalso help.You really should try to present yourself as being innovative , understanding and dependable.I would also advise you to enter some audio projects into International competitions...showing them that your services are wanted and that youre competitive may just give you the edge you need,

    Oh you know by any chance how to convert a TXT file into an ASCII Wave file?
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