Multiple Projects in a Solution

I'm having trouble getting my Solution to deal with adding an existing project.

I have created a Main Application that does particular functions quite happily. It of course has a 'Solution' and 'Project' associated with it.

I would like to have a menu system that launches little helpful Secondary Applications such as a 'Conversion Tool' where the users may convert imperial/metric measurements, etc.

I could (if I wished) respond to the menu event with a 'Show' command to call up a new form and add the controls through pure coding. I would prefer instead to create this secondary application through the 'Form Designer'.

In fact, I have already created some of these little Secondary Applications and they have their own 'Solution' and 'Project'.

If, in my Main Application, I 'right-click' on my 'Solution' in the Solution Explorer I can choose to 'Add Existing Project...' at which point I point to the Secondary Application. That works fine.

I cannot, however, seem to find code to call up this Secondary Application. I have looked up the help, and it advises that I cannot use this added project until I add a reference to it. I then 'right-click' on my Main Application's 'Project' in the Solution Explorer and choose 'Add Reference...'. In the 'Add Reference' pop-up window I choose the 'Projects' Tab, and Select the Secondary Application. I then get a message box saying "A Reference to 'Secondary Application' could not be added. An assembly must have a 'dll' extension in order to be referenced."

Am I doing something wrong, or do I have to turn my Secondary Application into a *.dll? If so, how? I'm sorry, I'm teaching myself how to program with VB.Net and a couple of MSPress books, and I may be overlooking something you guys are very familiar with. I don't know if it is relevant, but I only have VB.Net Standard Edition.

I would be most appreciative if anyone can steer me on the right path.

Thanks in advance!
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