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I have 20+ years of unix experience, and am just now attempting to "get into" linux. I am attempting to migrate all of my various work environments to linux. I got the book "Red Hat Linux 8" (/var/log/messages says it is version 2.4.18-14) and installed it on my PC. It has: AMD Duron 1100mhz processor, 256m RAM, 30gig hdd, S3 ViRGE video card, Compaq MV920 monitor. The install seemed to identify all of the above without a hitch.

My problem? The linux box will just reboot without warning. I'll be working along doing and the screen will go blank and start up the memory check. It will continue booting as if I just turned on the box. Sometimes it tells me there was a problem and suggest fsck, sometimes it will act as if I did a shutdown. I have not been able to track down what could be causing the problem. The last time it happened, all I was doing was surfing the web.

Any suggestions on where to look for the error reports? I've checked /var/log/messages, but nothing out of the ordinary popped out.

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  • Sounds like you have a problem with your power supply. Heat could also be causing radnowm reboots.
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