Freeware Project Seeks Staff

The game is called The Age Of Warfare (TAOW) and will end up being a cross between Civilization II and AOE2 with a bunch of unique, original ideas thrown into the mix. Unfortunately the game is planned to be freeware so any work will be unpaid, however you will receive credit for any/all work and we can arrange to link to a site if you wish.

We Currently Need:

2D/3D Graphic Artists for Terrain, Units, Interfaces, Logos, etc
Programmers (.Net For Main Program or Any Language That Can Compile DLLs and/or OCXs to be used in main app.)
Web Designer (PHP & MySQL) To Help Me With Modifications As Running Of Web Site
ANY ONE interested in strategy games to help with ideas, writing scenarios etc.
Any one interested please contact me via :

e-mail (
ICQ 216552835
Sign Up And Post On The Forums At

You can do as much or as little work as you want, however the more you do the more credit you will receive. No this is not a scam, the game will be freeware - and if it ends up costing more than $0 you will be paid your fair share of any profits, however at the moment this is very unlikely to happen.

Thanks, Joe.


  • Hey Joe,

    I would be very interested in reviewing details for graphic development on this freeware project.

    At the moment I work full time in the Mortgage and Telecom industry but do have spare time in my evenings to work on special projects. Can you send more details on the kind of grahics you would need for game development?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    D. Austin

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