ANN::XPB! Compiler

Announcing XPB! Basic

Know a little Basic?

Ever wanted to learn assembly programming but were too intimidated by whats out there!!
Couldn't make heads nor tails of how to put something in or get it out. Well look at this!!

' Declare your integer variables here


' assign values to your variables
A% = 5
B% = 10
BEGIN_ASM ; start an assembler block

MOV EAX,[A%] ; this moves 5 into register EAX
MOV EBX,[B%] ; this moves 10 into register EBX
ADD EAX,EAB ; this adds EAB (5) to EBX (10)
MOV [A%],EAX ; this moves result to A%

END_ASM ; this ends assembler block

PRINT A% ; this displays sum in XPB!Basic

WAITKEY ; this waits until ready to close

END ; ends the program

This is an honest to goodness inline assembly program!!!

With XPB! Basic you too can learn the fundamentals of assembly programming,easier, faster.

And XPB! is ready to use now! And with more and more Basic commands being added weekly it's power just grows and grows. So get it and start to really learn programming, Basic and simple to complex assembly.

For more information and to download a free trial copy, please visit:



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