Need coding for a check box related Oracle 6i form

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Say you have four tables in the db like the following (those are the table name and the columns)
Sales Table- Product_ID, Area_ID, Date, Amount
Product Table- Product_ID, P_Name
Area Table- Area_ID, A_Name
Time Table- Date, Month_ID, Quater

There are 3 item types in the form I created.
1. I have all the above mentioned column names in check boxes,
2. I have a place to input the time period
e.g.: _____________ to ____________
3 and a button called "execute"

At runtime the user ticks the check boxes (column names) that he wants to merge, inputs the time period (e.g.: 01-JAN-2003 to 21-FEB-2003) and then he clicks on the Execute button.

does anybody know who to code this.
it takes the user inputs at runtime (both column names and the time period) when the button is pressed it execute the query and outputs the result on another window.

Please help

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