Sparc Assembly translation programmin help

hi, i tried to convert a c++ algorithm into a sparc assembly program.
i want to know if this code is actually doing wht it is supposed to do.
also how do i access in gdb the variable is before it terminates?
is it p $l5?
i am not sure if i am setting and the loading the variables x, s, and t correctly either.

this is what i have:

!factsum program to calculate n! + (n-1)! +..+ 0!
!given n!=n*(n-1)*(n-2)*...*1

.section ".data"
.align 4
x: .word 1 !x assigned value of 1
n: .word 9 !n assigned value of 9
t: .word 0 !total variable with initial value of 0

.section ".text"
.align 4
.global main


save %sp, -96, %sp
set n, %l0 !n --> %l0
ld [%l0], %l2 !countin = n, countin --> %l2
ld [%l0], %l3 !countout = n, countout --> %l3

set x, %l4 !x --> %l4
ld [%l4], %l6 !%l4 --> %l6
set t, %l5 !t --> %l5
ld [%l5], %l8 !%l5 --> %l8


mov %l2, %o0 !countin --> %o0
mov %l6, %o1 !x --> %o1
call .mul !x *= countin, x --> %o1

subcc %l2, 1, %l2 !countin--, have condition code
bg inloop !if > 0 go to inloop, else continue

add %l8, %o1, %l8 !t = x + t, t --> %l8
subcc %l3, 1, %l3 !countout--, get the condition code
bg outloop

set t, %l8
st %l5, [%l8] !store final answer in t


mov 1, %g1
ta 0

//this was converted from this algorithm
: temp = n;
: temp2 = n;
: while(temp2 > 0) {
: sum = 0;
: x = 1;
: while (temp > 0) {
: x = temp * x;
: temp--;
: }
: sum = x + sum;
: temp2--;
: }

thanks for any help at all
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