Luxena Informix Data Access Components

Dear developers !
Luxena company presents new Informix Data Access Components (IDAC):

These components provide an interface between Delphi/C++Builder/Kylix applications and Informix database server. IDAC is based on native Informix Client API without any intermediate libraries like BDE, ODBC or ADO. Using these components in your project you will get perfomance like native Informix ESQL application, an access to native low level Informix structures like SQLDA or SQLCA, a support of all Informix data types (except new data types in DS 9.xx), correct Informix error codes and other Informix features. So, IDAC is able to work with more than one database connection on Win32-thread and adapted to be used with connection pool mechanism in multi-threading applications. IDAC package may be compiled with any of VCL or CLX library.

Contents of IDAC package:







Trial version limitations:

trial period equals 30 days from date of installation;

Delphi/C++Builder or Kylix IDE must be active;

evaluation messages will be appear at work process.

Registered users receive:

registered version of product;

free updates;

bug fixes;

e-mail support;

royalty-free runtime.

Product technical information:

IDAC compatibility:

Delphi5, Delphi6, Delphi7, CLX.
(C++Builder5, C++Builder6, Kylix, Kylix2, Kylix3 in the nearest future)

IDAC normally operates with all 7 and 9 family of Informix Servers
(except new data types in 9).

IDAC was tested on folowing Informix server:
- Informix DS 7 (7.31TC2, 7.31TC8, 7.30UC1) - IDAC supports all data types;
- Informix DS 9 (9.21UC1, 9.21TC1) - does not supports types that are not present in DS 7 family.

IDAC was tested with Informix Connect
(and Client-SDK) 2.40 and above.

More detailed info see at our web site

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