How can I have my program find a string in a file. I am using C.

I want my program to look for a string in a binary file. After it finds the string I want it to read 128 bytes after the string. When it prints that information to the screen, I want it to continue looking. If it finds another, it will print the 128 bytes after it to the screen. I want it to do that until it reaches the end of the file.

I am also looking for a way to have it read something between 2 different strings. For example, if I have the string "STARTDATA-" and "-ENDDATA" I want it to read everything in between those.

Here is what the file I am trying to read looks like:
HIVE-STARTCELL-example1.jpg-STARTDATA-(the binary for example1.jpg)-ENDDATA-ENDCELL-STARTCELL-example2.jpg-STARTDATA...(and so on)
I want it to read the file names(example1.jpg, example2.jpg, etc.). Later I want it to, when I choose a file, to read the binary for that file and then copy it to a buffer and then write the stuff in the buffer to a file, and continue until all the data between the "STARTDATA-" and "-ENDDATA" tags have been copied and written to the file.

How would I accomplish reading the stuff after and between the strings?
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