Using Word in my application on a networkcomputer?

Hi, I want to write a program in VB.NET that uses Word for automating a Word document.

I use early binding:
Dim wordapp As Word.Application
Dim wordbookmark As Word.Range

wordapp = CType(CreactObject("Word.Application"), Word.Application)
wordapp.Documents.Add(Template:= apppath & "")

wordbookmark = wordapp.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Item("bkmrk1").Range
wordbookmark.Text = "test"

wordapp.Visible = True
This code works fine on my computer.
But I know that manny company's have a network, where the user can use Word, but Word is not installed on their harddisk, but only on the server.
Still, the user can acces Word thru the "Start" menu, and write and print Word documents.
My question is, will my application find Word on such a computer?


VB Newbie

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