Abt .TPW files.

I am new to pascal as such and would like to know what .TPW files are.. Are they some intermmediate files or are they Turbo Pascal for Windows code files. If they are code files, how can I view them..



  • Hi,
    There a "special" Pascal programs called Units.
    A standard program starts with PROGRAM ProgName;
    A unit starts with UNIT UnitName;

    You can compare units to DLLs, they contain many functions and procedures that can be used by several programs.
    For example, when you type USES Crt; You tell Pascal that your program uses the unit Crt.
    But, unlike DLLs, Units can only be used with programs written in Pascal, and once your program is built (.EXE), units are built-in to your program, unlike DLLs that are external files.

    When you compile a programs, Pascal generates a .EXE file,
    when you compile a unit, Pascal generates a .TP file (.TPW for Windoze).
    .TPW are "binaries" and connot be viewed. You need the sources to modify them.

    Hope it helps.
    DexterMagnigfic at yahoo.fr

  • thanx dexter..
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