How long does it take to write a frontend for zsnes or snes9x, text editor? and how long does it take and what kind and (how much knoledge) of qbasic do you need to make a game? How do you make game? Graphix in qbasic? reply to my subject line.


  • It all depends on what you want to do. If you want to play, have a hobby, or learn to write sellable software. How well you learn. Whether or not you retain information easily. Whether or not you are willing to ask for help. Where you turn for help.

    Learning QB can take weeks or years, it all just depends.

  • i sticked with basic for 6 years.

    (okay, i was 9 when i began.)

  • Dear sir:

    A while ago that I don't touch the code in QBASIC especially.

    I need to create a screen of video in all the formats and an unit of sound with control of 10 tones in this program.

    Like I am but expert in Hardware doesn't have problem, but in Software is tiing me the thing. I Wait for their answer, with ideas and or adequate program

    Thank you for everything:

    Miguel Gregorio Martnez Higueras

    E-MAIL: [miguelgmh]@ []

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