How to display live video on WinCE?


I have been stressed out over the following problem: how to display the live video on WinCE from the remote ip camera.

Just now, have been searching for any solutions to solve this problem for hours. So far, there are some commercial softwares that may/will solve this problem. But we are trying to avoid spending any money. Hence we need to know if its possible to program a little code to solve this problem.

The simplest solution that we could come up with is just retrieving a list of captured static and different images from a folder in the pc which acts as a server to the WinCEdevice. And the web page can just embed the java applet will load one image by one image in smooth transition. But it looks so static and slow, not like the live video.

And even if we use embedded VB, it's still no use cuz its ocx control won't work on WinCE.

Hmm, so I really hope u guys would help should u know anything on this!

Thanks a lot for taking time to read this...

~ StrawBerry
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