An explanation of how mouse routines work

Hello again people,

I have got MANY mouse routines off the internet but there seems

to be no tutorial which explains how they work. For e.g.

how do I set it so that when I user moves onto a some text

(e.g. [END]) it acts like a button and GOTO's somewhere else.

Could anyone explain to me how it works, what bx, cx, dx, etc. are

and how to make a certain action happen when the mouse is clicked in

a certain area.

Thanking You,



  • Ok, here's a general idea... The program polls the mouse via

    Interrupt 33 to find the current position and button status of

    the mouse. The position in pixels is returned, and is then

    checked against the boundaries of every given active button, to

    determine if the user clicked within it's bounds. If the user

    did, approapriate actions are taken.

    I have a mouse unit for text screens that does button functions,

    drawing, etc. Unfortunantly, it's in Pascal...


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