QB4.5 vs PDS7.1 and a memory question

hi. i have 2 questions. firstly, can anyone tell me if their is any advantage to using PDS over QB45? The only difference i can see is that PDS

creates bigger .exe files and can use (defunct) extend mem. should i stick with 4.5??

second: i writing a fairly epic QB game (check out the homepage), and i've heard that something called the 'code segment' is limited to 64k..

what does ths mean? is this a limit on the size of the source code? i dont want to run into it unprepared!

Thanks for your time.



  • Code segment contains all the executable for the source. It's not a

    limit on the actual source code per say, but a limit on the size of what

    it generates. Some statements take a lot more machine code than others.

    Needless to say, a large prog can bump up against it. However, it's

    not much better for other 16-bit languages, i.e. TP 7.0 has the same

    barrier, and the smaller C++ memory models do.

    Just try to keep the code tight and use ASM for parts that would take

    up a lot of code.


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