Multiplayer QB game

I'm making a multiplayer tank game. I have the engine

done, but now I need to get the modem routines. I

know how to start the modem using OPEN, but am

confused on how to send and recieve variables. One

of the things that should be sent and recieved a lot

is the x and y values (coordinates). Would I use

OUTPUT #1, x for sending? If so, how would the other

computer recieve the x value? Thanks to all who



  • If nothing else shows up, this is how a program I played once worked. Once the port was open, it would write the values to a file on the other computer. At specified intervals, the other copy would check the file for an update and voila! crude but effective communication.

  • Hmmn, does this actually work? would u mind giving me a copy of something along these lines; i was actually thinging of something like this but disnt know if it would work... hehhehhe :)

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