Help w/ Find Method of Datarow....

Hey everyone! I would like to give the user the ability to search a Db. I added a textbox (for search criteria) and a search button. Here is the code I am using

Private Sub Button11_Click(ByVal sender As system.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button11.Click
Dim n As String = TextBox5.Text
Dim kmtbl As DataTable
kmtbl = Kmds1.Tables("kmtbl")
Dim FoundRow As DataRow = kmtbl.Rows.Find(n)
If Not (FoundRow Is Nothing) Then
MessageBox.Show(CType(FoundRow(1), String))
MessageBox.Show("A key named " & _
n & " could not be found")
End If

I would like to display the value of the row matching that search criteria in a message box or datagrid. However, when I execute this code all I get is the messagebox w/ the else statement. It won't return the row value. Can someone please help, I'm new to Db programming.

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